Spare parts and components

Stark Company was founded in 2008 in Tashkent. 

   We provide a full range of Autochemicals and Autocosmetics products for your car. Stark - is manufacturer of special chemicals for your road transport. In our assortment you can find products to serve any vehicle. As in the gasoline or diesel fuel to contain pollution formed during its production. Dust particles, corrosion products tanks, drop down in the fuel pellet in paraffin, water, and the microorganisms living therein can lead to excessive wear precision components internal combustion engine fuel system. To prevent this phenomenon as diesel fuel and gasoline, before getting into the combustion chamber, pass through filters in which harmful contamination delayed.
Air filters Stark protects your car from dust and dirt, seeds, plants, insects and other suspended particles that fall into the combustion chamber with air. Normal car passes over 15 cubic meters of air per 100 kilometers. If this air is not clean, then all of the solids contained therein fall into the engine, and will strengthen the abrasion of friction parts. Furthermore, use and high Stark timely replacement of air filters can reduce fuel consumption by 4.3%. The engine oil circulating within the engine creates a lubricating film protecting the moving parts of the engine, and performs cooling and cleaning function. Engine oil holding a thermal decomposition products, the incomplete combustion of fuel and wear and tear resulting from the interaction of the friction surfaces is becoming more viscous. And as a consequence, can not provide reliable protection of the motor. This leads to increased fuel consumption and poor engine performance up to the failure. Fuel filters Stark have numerous advantages. The most important of these include the fact that the replacement of this type of filters used is reduced to screwing and unscrewing used a new filter. At the same time there is very little risk of accidental introduction of contaminants in the fuel system during replacement of the filter type.

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